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  • Personalized Recommendations
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  • Seamlessly Integrated

Seamlessly Integrated with Your E-Commerce Platforms

Boost your E-commerce site’s performance by integrating our cutting-edge virtual outfit try-on feature.

Advantages of Integrating Virtual Try-On in E-Commerce

Discover how this innovative solution can transform your online shopping experience and drive business growth.
  • Increased Conversion Rates

    Implementing virtual try-on technology can boost conversion rates by up to 40%, as customers feel more confident in their purchase decisions.

  • Increased in User Engagement

    Users spend 50% more time on websites that offer virtual try-on options, leading to increased browsing and potential purchases.

  • Reduced Return Rates

    E-commerce sites with virtual try-on features experience a reduction in return rates by up to 30%, thanks to more accurate fit and style selections.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Surveys show that 70% of customers report higher satisfaction levels when using virtual try-on tools, as it enhances their overall shopping experience.

Industries Revolutionized by Virtual Try-On Technology

From fashion and beauty to home decor and luxury goods, discover the transformative impact of this innovative solution across different industries.
Fashion and Apparel
Virtual try-on technology allows customers to see how clothes will fit and look on their bodies, enhancing the online shopping experience and reducing return rates​.
Virtual try-on to help customers visualize how different frames will look on their faces, improving confidence in their purchases and reducing the need for physical try-ons​.​
Beauty and Cosmetics
Virtual try-on for makeup products, enabling customers to test different shades and styles on their digital images, which enhances customer satisfaction and increases sales.
AI-based virtual try-on tools are used to allow customers to visualize how different pieces of jewelry, like rings and necklaces, will look on them, aiding in the decision-making process​.
Hair Style
Enhance your online hair salon with our cutting-edge virtual try-on technology. Customers can upload their photos and experiment with various haircuts, colors, and styles in real-time.
Furniture and Home Decor
By uploading photos of their rooms, users can see how different items fit and match with their existing decor, enhancing their confidence in making purchase decisions.

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